Guide to a succesful guild/clan.

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Guide to a succesful guild/clan. Empty Guide to a succesful guild/clan.

Post by Da Jinks on Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:11 pm

Hello! Are you thinking of making a clan or guild? Well I will discuss how I believe you make a succesful 1.

First thing is: What KIND of clan do you want to make? Some people like helping other toons, some like SOS shopping, some like ubers. Find something you like! But its KEY to make it unique!

Second: Staff. Its key for there to be the head clan leader first, in charge of everything from the thread to the place they meet. You must decide what other people do. Its important to decide what you CALL staff. Such as... Co clan leaders, officers, ambassadors, graphics artist (GA are key) and much much more!

Next is events: What kind of event and what time? You must decide the kind of event but time is crucial! Most clans keep there events in a specific time zone (CST is most common). Remember most kids get out of school around 3:30. So a good time for events is right around 4-7 PM CST. Also, if the times are unpopular change them!

Then is rules: Make the rules! They can vary but mainly have at least no trolling as 1.

***NOTEWORTHY*** This is for making a CLAN THREAD. Not for subforums for them.
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