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Rules and Regulations of TTHQ:

1. Keep it G-Rated.
TTHQ is a G-rated site. For those who are unaware, a G-rated site is a site
that should be appropriate and non-crass enough for a person of any age
to be able to visit. This means, but is not limited to...

  • No foul language and/or cursing.
  • No drug or alcohol use or mentioning (or any other illegal medical liquids/substances).
  • No Non-G rated violence.
  • No harsh or life-threatening accidents/incidents.
  • No modern weapons (This includes guns, tanks, missiles, etc)
  • No harsh or life-threatening diseases/medical issues.
  • No death (Going sad is fine).
  • No nu-dity or s*x what so ever.

2. No trolling.

Trolling is anything meant to, or could be used to hurt, harrass, bully,
discriminate, or segregate a user. Trolling is not aloud on TTHQ, no
matter what the reason shall be.

3. No Spamming.
Spamming is posting multiple topics/replies only for the sake to grab the
attention of users and mods/admins, or any other unacceptable reason.
Spamming includes, but is not limited to: Double posting, creating
several topics/replies with similar purposes, and nagging on a
user/users to reply to your topic/reply.

4. No flaming/flame wars.
Flaming is deliberately attacking a user on the forums for reasons such as, but
not limited to: gender, race, age, location, etc. This will not be
accepted in any form, whether delivered in words, pictures, or phrases.

5. English Only.
While on TTHQ (Toontown Headquarters) forums, always refrain from using any
language other than English. All Moderators and Administrators must be
able to understand what is being posted at all times.
Note that this rule does not apply when it comes to private communication with friends such as PM's (Private messages).

6. Sharing accounts/Possessing multiple accounts.
All people are limited to one TTHQ Forums account each. You may have
several accounts in one household, however this is only if the second
account is in a sibling/parents possession.
Administrators are able
to easily track whether an account is being used from the same computer
or not. If an Admin were to find out, you would be contacted immediately
in regards to the situation.

Saying you have two accounts is not permitted in any case. If you do so, an Admin will contact you prior to this happening, and will delete your post.


This rule does not apply for any of the Admin's. Sometimes there will
be site issues, where we will be forced to test things out, in which
case we use our "Test accounts".

7. Reputation system abuse.
What is reputation/reputation abuse?

This thread covers up everything that is reputation related.

8. Scamming/Advertising.

Posting links to, mentioning, and discussing sites in direct or indirect competition with TTHQ is against site rules.
Along with that, in no way at all is one allowed to sell any merchandise, whether Toontown related or not, for any price. If you are to give away/redeem a prize for a contest on TTHQ, or for any other reason, you are to do it via PM'ing.

9. BSM (Back Seat Modding).

Back seat modding is the act of a user attempting to take charge of any
infraction noticed. This is the Mod/Admin's job. The only action a user
can take when an infraction is noticed, is to either PM (Private
message) an Admin, post a new topic in the Mod hotline, or report the
post the infraction is located immediately.

10. Double posting.

Double posting is the act of a user posting twice in a row on the same topic.
You are only allowed to post twice in a row after 24 hours of when the
first reply was posted. This also applies for third, fourth, fifth, etc,
consecutive posts.

Failure to follow any of the above rules will result in warning/suspension/expulsion,
depending on how severe the infraction is, and how many times you have
been caught breaking the above rules.