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The Ultimate CBHQ Guide Empty The Ultimate CBHQ Guide

Post by WMKNinjaSuperKitty on Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:18 pm

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to the CFO. This is pretty much everything you need to know about CBHQ. Feel free to add anything I missed!

Table of Contents

1- CBHQ Intro

2- Getting Your Suit Parts

3- The Three Mints

4- Cogbucks

5- The CFO Battle

6- Winning the CFO

7- Overview

8- Sources

1- CBHQ Intro

Controlled by the Chief Financial Officer, CBHQ is the second (or first if you skipped your Sell suit) place to get a Cog Suit. CBHQ has three mints, a trainyard, and a vault. Here, the Cogs range from Tightwad level 7's to Money Bags level 9's. This HQ was released February 17, 2005. This HQ is located off of Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland.

2- Getting Your Suit Parts

In order to start suit part tasks, you have to be in Donald's Dreamland, meaning you have to be 64+ laff. You do NOT do mints to get suit parts unlike SBHQ.

The tasks are as follows:

Upper Left Leg Part

1. Nat - Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Exterminators on Pajama Place
2. Task: Visit P.J.
3. P.J. - PJ's Taxi Service on Lullaby Lane

4. Task: Defeat 10 Cashbots (Cashbot HQ)
5. Return to P.J.
6. Visit Nat
7. Task: Recover some Cashbot Headquarter Plans from Cashbots in Cashbot Headquarters
8. Return Cashbot headquarter plans to Nat

Lower Left Leg Part

1. Teddy Blair - House of Hibernation on Lullaby Lane
2. Task: Defeat 55 Cashbots in Donald's Dreamland
3. Return to Teddy Blair

Left Foot Part

1. William Teller - First Security Blanket Bank on Pajama Place
2. Task: Recover a Reading Lamp from Cashbots (Donald's Dreamland)
3. Return Reading Lamp to William Teller

Upper Right Leg Part
1. Nina Nitelight - Nightstand Furniture Company on Lullaby Lane
2. Task: Visit Hardy O'Toole
3. Hardy O'Toole - Make Your Bed! Hardware Store on Lullaby Lane

4. Task: Deliver a Plain Bed to Nina Nitelight
5. Task: Visit Hardy O'Toole
6. Task: Defeat 140 Cogs (Donald's Dreamland)
7. Return to Hardy O'Toole
8. Task: Deliver a Fancy Bed to Nina

Lower Right Leg Part
1. Honey Moon - Sleeping Beauty Parlor on Pajama Place
2. Task: Visit Ed
3. Ed - Ed's Red Bed Spreads on Lullaby Lane
4. Task: Defeat 30 Number Crunchers (Anywhere)
5. Return to Ed
6. Task: Deliver a Blue Bedspread to Honey Moon
7. Visit Ed
8. Task: Defeat 65 Cashbots (Anywhere)
9. Return to Ed
10. Task: Deliver a Paisley Bedspread to Honey Moon

Right Foot Part
1. Dreamy Daphne - Cloud Nine Design on Lullaby Lane
2. Task: Visit Tex
3. Tex
Armadillo Pillow Company on Pajama Place
4. Task: Deliver some Pillows to Dreamy Daphne
5. Return to Tex
6. Task: 10 Three Story Cog Buildings (Anywhere)
7. Return to Tex
8. Task: Deliver some Hard Pillows to Dreamy Daphne

Pelvis Part
1. Smugy Mascara - Curl Up Beauty Parlor on Lullaby Lane
2. Task: Vist Rip
3. Rip - Rip Van Winkle's Wrinkle Cream on Pajama Place

4. Task: Go fishing for Some Cauliflower Coral (Donald’s Dreamland)
5. Return to Rip
6. Task: Go fishing for Some Slimy Kelp (Donald's Dreamland)
7. Return to Rip
8. Task: Recover a pestle from Loan Sharks (Cashbot HQ)
9. Return to Rip
10. Task: Visit Smugy Mascara

Upper Torso Part
1. Sandy Sandman - Sandman's Sandwiches on Pajama Place
2. Task: Visit Big Mama
3. Big Mama - Big Mama's Bahama Pajamas on Lullaby Lane

4. Task: Deliver a Pair Of Pajamas to Sandy Sandman
5. Return to Big Mama
6. Task: Deliver A Pair Of Footie Pajamas to Sandy Sandman
7. Return to Big Mama
8. Visit Cat
9. Cat - Cat's Pajamas on Pajama Place

10. Task: Deliver a Pair Of Puce Footie Pajamas to Sandy Sandman
11. Return to Cat
12. Task: Defeat Five 5 Story Cashbot Buildings (Anywhere)
13. Return to Cat
14. Task: Deliver a Pair Of Fuchsia Footie Pajamas to Sandy Sandman

HQ Tasks: The remaining parts can be found from HQ's. Below is an example for each remaining part.

Upper Left Arm Part
1. Visit a HQ Officer
2. Task: 100 Level 7 Cogs (Anywhere)

Lower Left Arm Part
1. HQ Officer
2. Task: 100 Sellbots (Anywhere)

Upper Right Arm Part
1. HQ Officer
2. Task: 140 Sellbots (Anywhere)

Lower Right Arm Part
1. HQ Officer
2. Task: 200 Cogs (Anywhere)

By the time you finish suit part tasks, you should be at around 71 laff.

3- The Three Mints

In Cashbot Headquarters, there are three mints in which to defeat Cogs and receive Cogbucks, or just for fun. The Mints are Coin, Dollar, and Bullion. However, there are laff limits to enter. The Cogs range from 10-11. The Mint boss is called the Supervisor and he is a level 12.

Coin Mint- No Laff Limit~ Anyone may enter! This is the shortest mint of the three.

Dollar Mint- You must be 66+ laff to enter this mint. This isn't too long or too short, it's in between.

Bullion Mint- You must be 71+ laff to enter this mint. This is the longest mint of the three.

Unlike the Sellbot Factory where there is only 1 version of the Factory, there are 20 different floors to experience of each Mint.

4- Cogbucks

First off, what ARE Cogbucks? Cogbucks are the items you need to level up your suit, and also to enter the CFO battle. Each suit has a different amount of Cogbucks needed.

Short Change

Level 1- 40 Cogbucks

Level 2- 50 Cogbucks

Level 3- 60 Cogbucks

Level 4- 70 Cogbucks

Level 5- 300 Cogbucks

Penny Pincher

Level 2- 60 Cogbucks

Level 3- 80 Cogbucks

Level 4- 100 Cogbucks

Level 5- 120 Cogbucks

Level 6- 500 Cogbucks


Level 3- 100 Cogbucks

Level 4- 130 Cogbucks

Level 5- 160 Cogbucks

Level 6- 190 Cogbucks

Level 7- 800 Cogbucks

Bean Counter

Level 4- 160 Cogbucks

Level 5- 210 Cogbucks

Level 6- 260 Cogbucks

Level 7- 310 Cogbucks

Level 8- 1300 Cogbucks

Number Cruncher

Level 5- 260 Cogbucks

Level 6- 340 Cogbucks

Level 7- 420 Cogbucks

Level 8- 500 Cogbucks

Level 9- 2100 Cogbucks

Money Bags

Level 6- 420 Cogbucks

Level 7- 550 Cogbucks

Level 8- 680 Cogbucks

Level 9- 810 Cogbucks

Level 10- 3400 Cogbucks

Loan Shark

Level 7- 680 Cogbucks

Level 8- 890 Cogbucks

Level 9- 1100 Cogbucks

Level 10- 1310 Cogbucks

Level 11- 5500 Cogbucks

Robber Baron

Levels 8,13,15,20,30,40- 1100 Cogbucks

Levels 9,16,21,31,41- 1440 Cogbucks

Levels 10,17,22,32,42- 1780 Cogbucks

Levels 11, 18,23,33,43- 2120 Cogbucks

Levels 12,14,19,29,39,49- 8900 Cogbucks

Levels 24,34,44- 2460 Cogbucks

Levels 25,35,45- 2800 Cogbucks

Levels 26,36,46- 3140 Cogbucks

Levels 27,37,47- 3480 Cogbucks

Levels 28,38,48- 3820 Cogbucks

5- The CFO Battle

Once you have your Cashbot suit and Cogbucks, you can enter the vault. Make a boarding group and enter the elevator.

When you enter the elevator, you'll see the CFO. He'll discover your in disguise and send loads of Cogs after you and your team. These Cogs range anywhere from level 1's to level 12's. These are made of both Skelecogs and Regular Cogs.

When you defeat those Cogs, you'll enter the Crane round. Here, you stomp goons and try to throw them at the CFO's head. Every time you disable a goon, a treasure pops up. You also throw safes, but only when he is dizzy*. But the CFO doesn't like this goon-stomping one little bit! He'll start throwing goons at a craner. You know if it's you if he looks at you.

*If you throw a safe while the CFO isn't dizzy, it is called a helmet. The only way to remove helmets is to hit the helmet with another safe.

When he has been stunned enough, he'll leave and get run over by a train Wink.

6- Winning the CFO

When you dance in victory, you recieve a unite. These unites can be jellybeans, gag-ups, or toonups! The list is below.

Toonup Unites

Toonup 10

Toonup 20

Toonup 40

Toonup 80

Max Toonup

Gag-Up Unites

Heal Gags

Trap Gags

Lure Gags

Sound Gags

Throw Gags

Squirt Gags

Drop Gags

All Gags

Jellybean Unites

100 Jellybeans

200 Jellybeans

350 Jellybeans

600 Jellybeans

7- Overview

So, this is like a mini-summary.

Type: Cashbot

Location: Pajama Place, Donald's Dreamland

Minimum Cog Level: Level 7

Maximum Cog Level: Level 9

Boss: Chief Financial Officer

Boss Reward: Toons of the World, ....... Unite

Facilities: Cashbot Mints, Cashbot Vault

Minimum Facility Cog Level: 10

Maximum Facility Cog Level: 12

Facility Boss: Mint Supervisor

Facility Reward: Cogbucks

8- Sources

These are the sites I used to recieve this info.

Please wait for assistance.
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The Ultimate CBHQ Guide Empty Re: The Ultimate CBHQ Guide

Post by Xeviya on Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:14 pm

Wow, Winter! Amazing guide. Stickied.

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