The Complete Guide To The Sellbot HQ

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The Complete Guide To The Sellbot HQ

Post by zippy mczap on Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:03 pm


Have you ever wondered how the VP works and if there is a special way that you can do this? Honestly, there is no guarantee that you will win the VP. This all depends on your teammates and how well you work together. In this guide, I will get as specific as possible into the in's and out's of the VP and Sellbot HQ.

I am currently working on illustating this guide with maps and pictures. All maps are already up, unless someone tells me of another map I need to put up. I am currently doing many VPs to get all those pictures in.


Sellbot HQ was release to the public December of 2003. It was the first Cog HQ to be released.

Storm Sellbot went from August 8th, 2010 to September 22nd, 2010. During this time any toon could VP with a rental suit to get SOS cards. A toon with a suit already who did 10 VPs with 5 rental suits would get a shirt, then if they did it again they'd get shorts. The VP's cogs were downgraded to below level 6 and between the first and second battles there were restock barrels. The damage done by the VP was halved, and if it was an uneven original number it was rounded down.

The cogs were harder earlier on in the factory. Instead of a level 9 foreman, it was level 11. ToonTown then reduced the level, I believe because smaller toons were doing factories, and could not have a fair fight with those higher cogs.


When you run across the oil pipe bridge first entering Sellbot HQ, you will see a pit. This pit is a safe spot. No cog will enter this pit, so if you need to go AFK or BRB in the Sellbot Courtyard, this is the best place to do so. The cogs will circulate around the pit and up the ramp that leads to the Sellbot Lobby. They come in and out of the doors that lead to the Lobby. If you don't have your parts yet, you don't need to worry about the Lobby. If you do, these doors are the entrance to the Lobby. The Lobby is where you go to get a boarding group to battle to Vice President, or VP. If you run to the center of the pit from the main entrance and turn to your right, you will see the entrance to the Factory lobby, if you run out of the pit. Run in there. With the introduction of boarding groups, most toons wait right there at the doorway and get groups to enter the VP. Before boarding groups, you would run across the hall and through the smaller, narrower hallway to the large "oil plant." If you turn slightly to the right, you'll see the elevator to the Front Entrance to the factory. Before boarding groups, this is where toons would wait for a factory. If you run straight and turn to the left, toward the wall, then to the right, you'll see another elevator. This is to the Side Entrance.


You first get introduced officially to Sellbot HQ when you get to Daisy Gardens. You get a task from Coach Zucchini to defeat a factory. Now, if all you need to do is defeat a factory, you can simply do a short factory. Here is my way to do a short factory. This is simply the way I found less dangerous and most efficient.

1. Enter the factory and defeat the first set of cogs. There will be a two level 3 cogs and one level 5.

2. Go past the wedding cake barrel (unless you need it, but I doubt you would in the beginning.)

3. Turn to the left and enter the boiler room. There will be a level 4, a level 5 and a level 6 cog.

4. Continue through the door. Bypass the pipe room and up the stairs. This is where I prefer the boiler way instead of the gear room way. During the gear room way, there are 3 goons after you defeat the cogs. In the boiler room way, there is, at most, 2 goons, and one is most likely all the way down the hall, far away from you. This is the least dangerous way should you be taking small toons. If you need the paint room, however, you are welcome to go the gear room way.

5. Enter the warehouse and pass the goons. I suggest being patient and waiting for the goons to get out of your way rather than trying to jump over them. Again, this is the least dangerous way with smaller toons.

6. Defeat the four warehouse cogs. There will be a level 6, a level 5, and two level 4 cogs.

7. Step on the buttons to defeat ALL the goons. You are welcome to jump over the bar without defeating all the goons, but this is dangerous with small toons. A little patience will save you 10 laff, even 20 depending on how laggy the door to the silo elevators are.

8. Go to either to left or right.

9. Defeat the cogs on the east and west silos. There will be two level 6 cogs and a level 7 cog on both silos. Press the buttons on both silos.

10. Enter the center silo and defeat the cogs. There will be three level 6 cogs and a level 9 skelecog, who is the foreman.

Upon defeating your first factory, you will get a sellbot suit part. To get your entire suit, you will need to defeat 9 more factories. These sellbot parts are your tickets to visit the VP. You can also to long factories, but I will get into those later.


Thank you, Strategy Tragedy, for pointing this out to me!

There is a shorter way to do a factory, which also gives you the least amount of merits. For this way, you'll have to enter the side entrance, which means you'll need to be above the laff limit.

1. Enter the side entrance and go to the Duct Room. There will be a level 5, a level 4 and a level 3. Defeat them.

2. Go forward and bypass the Stomper Alley way, going into the Pipe Room. Defeat only one side. There will be two level 4s and a level 5. Bypass the other side.

3. Head for the Warehouse. Be patient, as mentioned above, with the goons. Go to the button platform. There will be a level 6, a level 5 and two level 4s. Defeat them and use the buttons to stomp the goons. Be sure to press the button to open the Silo door!

4. Go to either the east or west silo. Both sides will have a level 7 and two level 6s. You'll have to defeat both sides and step on both buttons.

5. Go to the center silo. There will be a level 9 and three level 6s. Defeat them and you win the short factory!


Wrong. You need merits before you can visit the VP. Now, while your sellbot parts will stay with you throughtout your sellbot career, your merits will need to be renewed after every successful VP. Should you fail a VP, you do not need to get new merits to try again. You will start your sellbot career as a Cold Caller, level 1. This means you will need 20 merits to enter the VP. The amount of merits you need will increase as you advance in your sellbot career. You get merits from defeating sellbot cogs. To get your first 20 merits quickly, I suggest defeating a 2 story sellbot building. Like gag experience, the amount of merits you earn will increase depending on invasions, building floors, etc. Use this to your advantage as you advance in the sellbot hierarchy, as you will need more and more merits.


Nope! You can now enter those Lobby doors we talked about earlier and enter the VP Lobby. The district you are in determines how many other toons are in the Lobby. For your first few VPs, I suggest gathering 7 other friends and going to a quiet district to do a VP, as your low suit will deter other toons from inviting you.


For this situation, I strongly suggest going to the Cold Callers Guild. They will take anyone, but I ask that you read their guidelines and rules. If you Google them, they're site should be there.


When the elevator opens to reveal the VP, he will be promoting and sending other sellbots on their way to "make that sale." After those cogs leave, he will welcome you and your group will be split into two groups of four. You will be able to see what group you got before the battle by following which side your toon walks to and seeing what other toons came with you. There is no way to pre-determine your group that I know of. You need to deal with the group you get.

The first battle will consist of any sellbot cog ranging from a level 1 Cold Caller to a level 12 Mr. Hollywood. The first wave of cogs will, most likely, be either one level 12 Mr. Hollywood, or one level 12 Mr. Hollywood accompanied by 2 level 1 Cold Callers. With this first wave, you can throw and drop the holly and, should you get the accompanied Cold Callers, use a trumpet to get rid of them. The waves after that vary widely. Just sound and lure accordingly and, should you get higher levels, drop or throw them. It is a good strategy to sound the smaller cogs, or lure them, and (if you have maxed drop) drop the higher cogs with pianos and safes. Overall, the first battle can vary widely.

From pleasebemyfriend - The VP battle total has 48 cogs divided unevenly among the two teams. The amount of cogs you get depends on how quickly you get rid of them, and how quickly the other side gets rid of them. If the other side goes sad, you need to defeat the cogs that were going to come out on their side.

From pleasebemyfriend to Soloers/Low Laffs Sided Together - Keeping 3 small cogs in line. When you do that you lose less laff than you would on bigger cogs. For example, if lure missed on 4 big cogs you will lose more laff than you would on 3 small cogs and 1 big cog.


Once you defeat the first battle, the trapped toon's cage will lower twice when the two sides cogs are defeated. If one side goes sad completely, the cage will lower the same amount as if both sides were defeated. You now get a small break as the VP acsends a ramp to the spot where the second battle will take place. The trapped toon will tell you to go after him, when in reality, you do not have to do this. You simply need to wait. You can take this time to do anything you wish, even, if you feel the battle will fail, leave. If you have a hunch that the battle will not succeed, I strongly suggest leaving and getting another group, especially if you have level seven gags. When the VP reaches the center of the upper floor, you will be pulled into another battle, this time with skelecogs varying from level 8 to level 12. You will be split again and will be given different teammates. Again, there is no way to pre-determine your group. You may have some of the same people, or you could have none of the same people from the first battle. When it comes to the second battle, I reccommend using the "lure left kill right" strategy.

This strategy involves, after defeating the first wave which most likely has less than four cogs, group luring the cogs and the rest of the toons attacking the right cog. Then a toon uses a single lure on the new cog while the rest attack the right cog. This continues, as the right cog will just be coming out of lure when the toons defeat it.

This strategy changes when a toon uses the level 7 presentation lure. In this case, you should attack the LEFT cog while the rest of the cogs just stand there. It works like this because presentation lures the cogs for 15 rounds! So those cogs will just stand there while you get rid of the fresh cog.

After the cogs stop coming, you can just defeat them, thus winning the second battle. Like the first battle, the trapped toon's cage will drop twice when both sides win. If one side goes completely sad, or there are no toons on the other side (you are the only toon left standing from the first battle, but I doubt this will be the case as you should have left while the VP was going up the ramp, unless you are high enough laff to solo the VP,) the cage will lower all the way down.


Now that you've defeated the two battles, you can take the VP on himself!

To start, you MUST travel to the caged toon and jump to the cage. You will get pies. An icon will appear at the top of your toontown window of a pie. When you click it, your toon produces a pie and a meter appears. The higher the meter is, the higher the pie will go. Hold down the meter until it gets exactly where you want it. If you are stunning, I suggest using the MouseKeys technique, where you turn on MouseKeys from your control panel and hover your mouse above the icon for the pies and tap the number "5" lightly. This will release the pie at the lowest level, enabling you to stun efficiently. If you don't know how to work MouseKeys, or your computer is like mine and does not allow you to use MouseKeys with ToonTown, you can tap the "delete" or "insert" key to release pies. On your first VP, I suggest not worrying about stunning yet and focusing on knocking the VP back when he is stunned. I will get into stunning in a moment, after I explain the basics for the new toons to the VP.

You will know when the VP is stunned when he flashes red and sits down. When he does this, HIT HIM HARD WITH PIES! This is extremely important, just as important as stunning. To knock him back, hit him in the head or torso. Don't think that you can't hit him when he's not stunned. You can! This can actually be a help to the stunners, as this will keep the VP from attacking them and let them do their job. When you work knocking back, you simply wait for the VP to be stunned and start knocking him back until he falls over the edge. Depending on whether or not the stunners are working efficiently, this will not take a lot of time and you shouldn't need to wait a while before the VP is stunned, yet again. Another job that people who are not stunning can do is heal the stunners. As a stunner, those toons get attacked a lot by the VP, either by thrown gears or gears shot from the undercarriage. To toon a stunner, stand BEHIND them and throw pies at them. I cannot stress enough to stand behind the stunner. Nothing is more annoying to a stunner than a toon jumping in front of them to toon them up when they're about to throw a pie.

Now, I will get to being a stunner. Before you read, realize that you should have higher than 60 laff to stun safely. Being a stunner means you will most likely be hit, either by gears from the VP or gears from the undercarriage (I understand there are many toons who could prove that wrong. As a beginner stunner, and even an experienced stunner, like myself, the odds are against you with taking damage, as you have to stay in one place.) To stun the VP, stand on either side of the undercarriage where the cogs came out from in the battles, either in the back or front. As a beginner stunner, I suggest starting in the back, as you will get more of a warning when the VP is targetting you. When you stand there, get your pie ready by holding down either the left mouse button on the pie icon or the "delete" or "insert" key. This is how I do it. Some toons, like if you are using the MouseKeys technique, will quickly release the pie instead of waiting. I like the wait, as the longer you hold down the key, the slower the meter goes up and down. This gives you time to get the meter exactly where you want it, which is all the way to the left of the meter, so it will go straight. Now you wait until the undercarriage opens. Throw the pie inside to "gum up his works" and stun him. Once he's stunned, you can either wait until he is unstunned or run to the front (or back up, if you're stunning the front) to knock him back. Just keep doing this. Keep in mind that the further back the VP gets, the faster the gears from the undercarriage will come out and the faster it will close back up.

One thing you should keep in mind, that the first time he jumps, he will start to move back up to the top. He won't start moving until he jumps the first time. If you stun him and knock him back, he will stop moving up until he jumps again. The longer he goes moving up without being stunned again the faster he will move. So once he starts moving, stun him quick!

You can also throw pies are each other to heal each other. One pie is +1 laff point.


The VP has an array of attacks, all of which are avoidable.

The lowest amount of damage he can do is -1 laff point, and you should be able to avoid doing this fairly easily. He does -1 laff point damage when you run into him. When you're knocked back, however, he will sit down and swipe his hand at you, dealing -5 damage. So if you happen to run into him for any reason, move out of the way!

Another attack he does is his "shower of gears." He does this attack every time he comes out of a stun, but he can also do it any time else. This attack affects anyone standing in front of him. So, when he comes out of the stun and you're in front, move back fast or to the side. This deals -3 damage.

He can also throw gears at you. You can avoid this attack by jumping or backing up. He will first target you by looking right at you. So if you see him targetting you, move! This deals -3 damage.

He also shoots gears from his undercarriage. This is what makes it difficult to stun him. These gears shouldn't be much of a problem unless you're stunning, in which case you should move or stun him quick. This deals -3 damage.

His biggest attack is his jump, which starts him moving back up the ramps, as well. There's nothing you can do to stop him from moving up the ramps after this attack, but you can avoid it. This attack will affect you no matter where you are unless you jump. If you jump while he is in the air, the attack will not affect you. He makes a jumping noise when he jumps, so listen and learn it well. I would depend on sight, though. You will SEE him jump, too. This attack deals -10 damage.

Most of these attacks do not do a lot of damage, but they do add up fast.


When the VP gets knocked over the edge, you have won! So, what do you get? Remember that trapped toon that kept talking to you? They will give you 2 SOS cards (used to be one, now it's 2.) The type of SOS card depends on the toon you rescue. Here is a complete list of SOS cards you can get from the VP. Notice, that SOS cards like Anne Ville are not here. I will not include Field Office SOS cards in this list.

Toon Up

Flippy: 5 Star, 136 Laff
Daffy Don: 4 Star, 70 Laff
Madam Chuckle: 3 Star, 45 Laff


Clerk Clara: 5 Star, 180 Damage
Clerk Penny: 4 Star, 70 Damage
Clerk Will: 3 Star, 50 Damage


Lil Oldman: 5 Star, 3 Rounds on high cogs, 4 on low cogs.
Nancy Gas: 3 Star, 2 Rounds on high cogs, 3 on low cogs.
Stinky Ned: 3 Star, 2 Rounds on high cogs, 3 on low cogs.


Moe Zart: 5 Star, 80 Damage
Sid Sonata: 4 Star, 50 Damage
Barbara Seville: 3 Star, 40 Damage


Barnacle Bessie: 5 Star, 170 Damage
Franz Neckvein: 4 Star, 100 Damage
Clumsy Ned: 3 Star, 60 Damage


Professor Pete: 5 Star, Restocks All
Professor Guffaw: 3 Star, Restocks Toonup
Clerk Ray: 3 Star, Restocks Trap
Doctor Drift: 3 Star, Restocks Lure
Melody Wavers: 3 Star, Restocks Sound
Baker Bridget: 3 Star, Restocks Throw
Sofie Squirt: 3 Star, Restocks Squirt
Shelly Seaweed: 3 Star, Restocks Drop

Toons Hit/Cogs Miss

Sticky Lou: 4 Star, Toons Hit, 1 Round
Soggy Bottom: 4 Star, Toons Hit, 1 Round
Soggy Nell: 4 Star, Toons Hit, 1 Round
Flim Flam: 4 Star, Cogs Miss, 1 Round
Mr. Freeze: 4 Star, Cogs Miss, 1 Round
Julius Wheezer: 4 Star, Cogs Miss, 1 Round


What else do you get from winning? You also get a promotion. If you were a level 1 Cold Caller, you're now a level 2 Cold Caller. You will stay a Cold Caller until you win the VP a level 5 Cold Caller, which you will be promoted to a level 2 Telemarketer. As mentioned before, every time you win the VP you will need to get more merits to do it again. You will need to keep doing this until you become a level 50 Mr. Hollywood, in which you will earn an Executive Washroom Key, being able to enter the VP whenever you want, without the requirement of merits. Same goes for Robber Barons, Big Wigs, and Big Cheeses.


You won't need to do a long factory with invasions for merits until you become a level 9 Mover And Shaker. After which you won't need to do it again until you're a level 10 Two Face, and then you won't need it again until you become a level 9 Mingler, after which you'll always need long factories with invasions all the time.

For you're benefit when you need long factories, here if the most common way to do a long factory. I will not tell you to defeat the cogs, as that is kind of a given...

1. Enter the factory and defeat the first set of cogs. There will be two level 3 cogs and a level 5 cog.

2. After defeating them, bypass the birthday cake, as you may need it later, and turn to the RIGHT to the Gear Room. There will be two level 4 cogs and a level 6 cog, all skelecogs.

3. Turn around and head to the boiler room. There will be a level 4, level 5, and level 6 cog.

4. This time, turn left to go to the pipe room. There are two sides. It does not matter which side you go to first. Both sides will have a level 5 and two level 4 cogs, all skelecogs.

5. Turn around, as the next door will be behind you. Go straight through to the Duct Room, which is the first room if you enter the Side Entrance. There will be a level 3, a level 4, and a level 5 cog.

6. Turn around, as the door in front of you leads to an empty room, and exit the Duct Room. Turn to the left and navigate Stomper Alley. I suggest staying to the left and running slightly against the wall. Run when the first stomper rises and the most damage you will get is -3.

7. Turn to the right and bypass the Lava Room, unless you need the gags. If you don't need the gags, bypass it because every time you fall off the conveyor you will lose -2 laff from the lava. Go up the stairs and turn to the left, as the button is in the Oil Room. There will be two level 4 cogs and a level 5 cog.

8. Step on the button and exit through the door that was locked when you first came up the stairs. Avoid the goons by staying to the opposite side of the goon. If they are moving the same way as you, you are welcome to stomp as the odds are with you if you sneak from behind.

9. Go into the warehouse. Avoid the goons by being patient, as I stated in the short factory guide. The warehouse holds two level 4 cogs, a level 5 cog and a level 6 cog.

10. Use the buttons to defeat all the goons, or run if you can afford to lose laff. Remember to push the red button before you run for it!

11. Go to either silo. Both the east and west silo hold two level 6 cogs and a level 7 cog. Step on both buttons.

11a. Wait for an invasion should you need it. I wouldn't do invasion runs in just any district. Try to do these in Nutty River, where the invasions are constant.

12. Enter the center silo to face the foreman. There will be three level 6 cogs and one level 9 skelecog.


You can find how many merits you have and need in the Cog Disguise page in your Shticker Book.


Once you become a Mr. Hollywood, some things change..

1. At level 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50, you will get a laff boost.

2. The amount of merits you need are recycled. For example, when you're a level 14 holly, you need 5500 merits. Then it goes back down to 680, like when you first became a holly. Then when you become level 19, you will need 5500 merits again.

3. At level 50, you will have an executive washroom key to be able to enter the VP whenever you want, without the requirement of merits.


1. Always come to the Factory or VP with full laff and gags. Don't expect toons to waste their time to toon you up.

2. Teamwork is the most important thing in the VP and even in the factory. If you're not a team player, wait until you're ready to solo the VP to do this.

3. Don't train your gags in the VP. This could put all your fellow toons in danger. If you use a small trap on a level 12 Mr. Hollywood, you will get the cold shoulder, or stinked.


If you have any questions or feedback, I would love to hear it! I am open to critique and anything that would help me make this guide better!

I apologize for any typos in this. I re-read it many times, and I will keep reading it until I am positive that there are no more typos.

- zippy mczap

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Re: The Complete Guide To The Sellbot HQ

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Wow. Stickied!


Thanks, I. M. Awl Ears, you rock!
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