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Post by zippy mczap on Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:26 pm

Points System Iaza13580744844400
Points are earned for accomplishments while you're in the guild. Meaning you won't get credit for maxing a gag track unless you've done it while you're with the guild.

I do try my best to keep up with points, but it's very hard to keep track of. If you think your points are wrong, please notify me. Smile

Congratulations, Little Crumblewig, for being the first member to earn 100 points! As a reward, you've earned a free Rainbow Name!

Ho To Earn Points

Join - 5 points
Create a Graphic - 5 points
Attend an Event - 5 points
Complete a playground - 10 points
Max a gag track - 10 points
Max a Cog HQ - 10 points
Max your toon - 30 points
Complete your uber* - 30 points

* This meanws that if you max throw and squirt as a two track uber, you completed your uber. If you max throw and squirt as a three track uber, you did not complete your uber yet.

I did have earning a gag and earning a laff point as actions that lead to points, but that is so hard to keep track of and is not fair to toons who joined with their toons already maxed with gags and high laff. I've decided to remove this. You can still earn points for maxing a gag track or completing a playground. I will no longer add points for laff and new gags (except maxing.)

Points Shop
60 Points - 100-200 Jellybean Cattlelog Item
70 Points - 200-400 Jellybean Cattlelog Item
80 Points - 400-600 Jellybean Cattlelog Item
90 Points - 600-1000 Jellybean Cattelog Item
100 Points - 1000+ Jellybean Cattlelog Item
50 Points - Rainbow Name On Member List***
60 Points - Customized Name On Member List***
150 Points - A Full Out Party On Toontown Just For You!
250 Points - A Full Out Party On Toontown Just For You With Beanfest!** - this prize is not avaliable right now-

** Amount of Bean Unites Vary Upon Party: Current total jellybeans avaliable for next party - 0 jellybeans
*** Only applicable on your TTHQ member name. Your toon name, groups and points will be the default color. With the customized name, you cannot customize the size. You may customize font, color, italics, bold, underlines, and anything that will not be considered obnoxious. I will determine if your requested name could be obnoxious and you may be asked to design a new name.
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