What are Art Shops?

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What are Art Shops? Empty What are Art Shops?

Post by Darkstar14 on Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:08 pm

TTHQ Users,
Welcome to the Art Shop sub-forum. Here, users can open threads/topics that allow users to request them to create art for whatever reason. If you are not opening an art shop, then by all means, feel free to order from one! However, please be aware that there are certain rules when it comes to ordering and opening an Art Shop.

For those opening an Art Shop:

  • You will always have the option to contact Paws The Fight if you ever wish to close your shop permanently, or temporarily. He will take care of it immediately, prior to your request.
  • If your Art Shop has not been updated by you for a total of TWO weeks, then your shop will be closed until you PM Paws to have it opened again.
  • Never open a shop and abandon it. This will result in deletion of your shop, and maybe even being banned from creating shops in the Art Shop forum.
  • Art shops are to be for FREE. Any art shops asking for anything in return will be deleted.

For those posting in the Art Shop Forum:

  • Be polite. You are lucky enough to have Art Shops for free. The least you could actually do is request politely, and thank the person you got your art from.
  • All orders are to be G-Rated. Any non G-rated orders will be deleted, and the user will be punishment.
  • All orders/posts in this forum are treated like any post outside of this forum. All site rules apply here, and are to be followed as they are on all other forums.

Please note that all users that do not follow these rules will be punished. Mods and Admins do NOT like punishing people on the site, so please don't make us do it.

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