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Post by Xeviya on Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:09 am

Hey guys, as you can see, this site hasn't had any posts in literally months.

doubt anyone will read this other than some old staff, but if you're a
member or just happened to stumble upon this site, let me clarify.

was founded by Darkstar14 & Princess Nutty. They needed a clan to
support it, so they chose the All-Terrain Toons' Guild.

For some
reason they were locked out of the forum; lost modding abilities, Admin
CP dissapeared, Admin forum was gone. So we moved to MyBB. IM Awl Ears
and myself were promo'd to full mod. I. M. Awl Ears retired. We changed
from a G site to PG.

A user came and gave us vB so she was made
admin. Zippy McZap was hired as a mini mod. TTHQ took Mini-Mod
applicants, and a user was chosen for song mod. He was very rude towards
the admins, and after a full two days of being a mod here, he quit and
started spreading untrue rumors about the site. About half of the people
quit because of the things they heard. A lot of others quit when we
took mod apps; they weren't chosen. Moment they found out they didn't
make it, they quit.

Both Darkstar14 & Princess Nutty had to
retire. Darkstar14 handed the site over to an admin who shut it down the
day after he retired.

We had about 250 members when the admin shut the site down.

If for any reason you actually see this and want more info, or are a member that wants to KIT with some members on here, send 'xeviya' a friend request on skype.


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