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Post by LoonyMan on Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:33 pm

Loony's Loony Art Shop Artsh

A shop where your art is always loony and silly! Remember that art will always be G-rated! You do not have to give me credit, as I'm fine with that.

Loony's Loony Art Shop Examples

Toon Pixel Art
Loony's Loony Art Shop Ttavatar
I can't do animated pixel art, but I can do stationary toons. I will try and learn animated pixels soon.

Cog Pixel Art NEW!!!
Loony's Loony Art Shop Legaleagle
New to Loony's Loony Art Shop! We will now host the making of cog pixel art! Enjoy the cogs!

Book Covers ( Titles )
Loony's Loony Art Shop Toontanic-1
I'm not the best at these, but I can make some covers for your books that you can put at the top of your toontastic stories.


Loony's Loony Art Shop Siggy-1
If you want an awesome signature, just come here! I can make Tron-like signatures, toon signatures, or whatever you want! Just give me the pictures that you want in the signature through a PM.

Stationary / Animated Avatars
Loony's Loony Art Shop Icon-1

Loony's Loony Art Shop Avatarfortt
I can make a very toony avatar for your account! Just give me whatever you want inside it through a PM and I'll be sure to make what you want!

Loony's Loony Art Shop Pickrequest

Toon/Cog Pixel Art Order

TTHQ Name:
Species or Cog Species:
Color ( for toon ):
Text or No Text:

Please enter a screenshot of the toon being made through a PM.

Book Cover Order
TTHQ Name:
Title of Story:
Background Type:
What's Wanted Inside ( screenshots optional ):

Signature Order

TTHQ Name:
Size of Signature:
What's Wanted Inside ( screenshots optional ):
Background Type:
Toons or No Toons:

Avatar Order:

TTHQ Name:
Size of Avatar:
Animated or Not:
Background Type:
What's Wanted Inside ( screenshots optional ):

In the Making

Pick Ups

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Loony's Loony Art Shop Empty Re: Loony's Loony Art Shop

Post by WMKNinjaSuperKitty on Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:30 pm

TTHQ Name: WMKNinjaSuperKitty
Species or Cog Species: The Big Cheese
Color ( for toon ): N/A
Text or No Text: Watch my mozerrella!

Please wait for assistance.
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